Yael Yaniv



Nano Area:
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PhD: Biomedical Engineering, Technion-IIT, 2007

MSc:Electrical Engineering, Technion-IIT, 2003

BSc: Electrical Engineering, Technion-IIT, 2002

         Mechanical Engineering, Technion-IIT, 2002


Nano Main Field:

Nanobioelectricity, Nanomedicine, Nanobiotechnology, Nanobioenergetics

Research Interests:

The lab has two main research directions. 

1.  Identification and characterization of intrinsic nano-mechanisms to pacemaker cells that control the heart rate and rhythm and the pacemaker energy balance. 

2. Characterization the nano signaling that couples energy production to electrical activity in atrial cells and identify whether disturbance in this coupling can lead to atrial fibrillation.  

We employ high-resolution nano technology to quantify bioelectrical and bioenergetics systems.