The Zisapel Nanoelctronics Center (MNFU)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The Zisapel Center complements the Wolfson Microelectronics Center with approximately 700 m2 of clean-rooms.The center was built and equipped with state-of-the-art clean-rooms and individual labs.

Academic supervisor: Prof. Nir Tessler,

Center manager: Mr. Yacov Shneider, Phone : 04 -829-4205


List of Equipment:

Layer formation

BTI Furnaces: Poly Si, Si3N4, Oxidation, LTO, Phos diff.

E-beam Evaporation: Airco Temescal BJD & FC 1800:  Al,  Al / Si / Cu, Ti, Ti/W, Si, Cr, Ni, NiCr, Pt, Au, Ta, Hf, TiW, Ge. 

VST: Ti, Cr, Au, Fe, NiCr, Pd, Pt

Thermal Evaporation: Vinci: Ag, Au, Cu, Ge, Al Edwards: Sn, In

PECVD Plasma Therm: SiO2, Si3N4

Sputter ATC 2200 (deposit separately or co-sputter)


ALD Cambridge NanoTech:  Hf, Al, Ti, Si, Ta, O3, H2O, NH3

MVD Applied MicroStructures. precursor: TMA, FDTS, APTMS 

Pattern Formation

Contact Mask Aligner with Back side alignment 

GCA I-line Stepper

Karl Suss HDMS vapor prime,  Spinner with gyrset, automatic developer and 2 bake plates

YES oven (NH3) 

Flood Exposure Tool: OAI

Dry Film Resist Laminator

Pad Printing: TPX301 Teca-Print pad 54 

E-Beam lithography Vistec: EBPG5200

E-Beam lithography Raith e-LiNE

Pattern transfer

RIE Plasma Therm

YES plasma: O2

F-ICP Plasma Therm Versaline

Cl-ICP Plasma Therm 

Wet benches: RCA clean, BOE, Poly etchant, Al etchant, H3PO4, KOH


VB16 Wedge and Ball Bonder

Dicer DISCO DAD3350


Micrometrix optical inspection,  Vickers micro system CD measurement

Nanospec AFT 2100 Nanometrics

Profiler Alpha-Step 500 TENCOR

Profiler P6 KLA Tencor

Ellipsometer  RUDOLPH AutoEL, Ellipsometer  GAERTNER 116C 

Contact Angle Goniometer with DROP image, ramé- hart Model 200 

Four Point Probe FPP 5000 VEECO

C-V Plotter MDC

I-V probe station, SPA Agilent 4155C

Reflectometer Ellipsometer Woollam  VASE . Multi-layer measurements wave length 193-2500nm

Dual beam FIB - Helios nano-lab G3 FEI + FEGSEM System 

HITACHI S-4800, S-4700 HR SEM

Atomic Force Microscope 3000 DI