Technion Center for Electron Microscopy of Soft Matter

Technion Center for Electron Microscopy of Soft Matter

Faculty of Chemical Engineering

The Technion Center for Electron Microscopy of Soft Matter includes two TEMs and a high-resolution SEM.

All microscopes are cryo-dedicated, for cryo-TEM and cryo-SEM experiments, and are also available for room temperature work.

The newly arrived Talos, is a FEG equipped high resolution TEM and includes a Falcon direct detector for high resolution imaging at low dose mode and a Volta phase plates for contrast enhancement.

In addition, the Talos is also available for STEM imaging and for 3D characterization using TEM and STEM tomography. Advanced cryo-specimen preparation equipment is available, including equipment for freeze-fracture replication (FFR) and cryo-microtomy.

Academic supervisor: Prof. Ishi Talmon,

Center manager: Mrs. Na'ama Koifman,

Phone: 04 -829-2845


List of Equipment:

Leica UC6 Ultramicrotome FC6

Rheometric Scientific ARES Rheometer

Olympus BH-2 light microscope FEI

T12 G2 cryo-dedicated Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscope

FEI Talos 200C, FEG-equipped cryo-dedicated high-resolution transmission electron microscope (TEM and STEM)


Zeiss Ultra Plus High-Resolution Cryo-Scanning Electron Microscope (HR-Cryo-SEM)

Bruker Quantax EDS for SEM equipped with an Xflash detector 

Nikon Eclipse ME600 light microscope   

Leica BAF 060 for cryo-EM specimens and freeze-fracture replicas preparation 


Controlled environment vitrification system (CEVS) for cryo-EM specimen preparation