Yonatan Calahorra

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Ph.D.:  Nanomaterials and nanoelectronics, Technion, 2014

M.Sc.: Nanomechanics, Technion, 2009

B.Sc.:  Electrical Engineering, Technion, 2003

Main Nano Field: Understanding the synthesis-structure-property-functionality relations of nanomaterials which couple two (or more) distinct properties - smart materials. This is usually within the magneto-electro-mechanical property triangle.


Research interests:

* Piezoelectric polymers, including piezoelectric biomaterials.

* Piezoelectric semiconductors - nanoporous and nanowires

* Magnetic nanomaterials

* Piezoelectric-magnetic nanocomposites for magnetoelectricity (e.g. control magnetism by electric field)

* Emerging electromechanical effects such as flexoelectricity