Gilad Yossifon

Gilad Yossifon



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1994 - B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Technion – I.I.T., Israel

1999 - M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Technion – I.I.T., Israel

2003 - M.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

2007 - Ph.D, Mechanical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Research Interests:

Novel electro-chemo-mechanical energy conversion devices

Micro/nanofluidic Lab-on-a-chip biomedical / diagnostic devices

Nanochannel-based fuel cells and battery storage devices

Nanofluidic electronic circuit equivalents

BioMEMS based on DC and AC electrokinetics

Nonlinear electrokinetics of micro/nanochannels

Field-less spontaneous drug delivery

Micro/nano-heat exchangers and Micro/nano-mixing chambers

Artificial realizations of ion-channel

Functionalized nanocolloid–nanochannel array combination for biomolecular   detection

Nonlinear electrokinetic trapping/separation/aggregation in biochips