Karl Skorecki



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MD, University of Toronto 1977


Nano Main Field:

Our laboratory team is now focusing its attention on disease risk gene discovery and cellular mechanisms by discovering functional variants by combining homozygosity mapping, population wide association with  whole exome capture and massively parallel sequencing followed by detailed cell biology and protein chemistry. Examples focus on kidney disease, phosphate balance disorders, cardiovascular health and disease and neurodegenerative disease.


In a second major set of projects  - we have developed a novel platform using a human cellular microenvironment to study human tumorigenesis and anti-cancer therapy.


In the third major set of projects – we study and dynamics of DNA methylation in gene expression in health and inherited disease.


Research Interests

Human Molecular Genetics

Whole Exome Capture

Computational Genetics

Population Genetics

Massively Parallel Sequencing Technologies

Disease Risk Gene Discovery

Cellular Machinery and Molecular Transporters

Systems Biology