Yaron Amouyal



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PhD: Materials Engineering, Technion, 2007
MSc: Materials Engineering, Technion, 2003
BSc: Materials Engineering, Technion, 2001

Nano Main Field:Thermoelectric (TE) devices are capable of capturing waste heat and converting it into electricity;
this has major implications for energy harvesting. We employ nanostructuring approaches in solid-state reactions to tailor materials properties
such as thermal and electrical conductivities. For example, reducing thermal conductivity is based on the formation of coherent nanometer- size
precipitates dispersed in a TE matrix. Utilizing advanced characterization techniques, we analyze the materials structure and chemistry down to
the nanometer length-scale, correlating their microstructures with their TE properties. Supplemented by computational methods,
we attempt to model the underlying physics of TE materials.

Research Interests
Thermoelectric materials; Designing functional properties of crystalline materials, Computational materials science based on the density functional
theory (DFT), Atom-probe tomography (APT) and metrology at the nano-scale, Phase transformations in alloys,
Energetics of interfaces in crystalline materials.