Efrat Lifshitz



Nano Area:
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Ph.D.: Univ. of Michigan, USA 1984

M.Sc.: Chemistry, Univ. of Michigan, USA 1982

B.Sc.: Chemistry, Hebrew University Jerusalem 1979


Main Nano Field:


Synthesis and optical characterization of unique semiconductor nanocrystals: core-shell structures, quantum-dots, quantum wells, single dots and self assembly. Magnetooptical spectroscopy.

Head of the Laboratory for the Preparation of nanocrystals and Magneto-Optical Characterization of Nano-scaled Semiconductors


Research Interests:

Synthesis of core/shell, core-alloyed shell colloidal nanocrystals, such as PbSe/PbSexS1-x,CdTe/CdS and their utilization in LED, conductivity devices and optical switches

Synthesis of nano-rods, nano-wires and tetrapods, showing polarized optical transitions and enhanced conductivity

The study of magneto-optical properties of nano-scaled semiconductor materials

Investigation of a single nanocrystal, embedded in a polymer or spin coated on a substrate