Amos Gilhar



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MD: Faculty of Medicine, Technion, 1977

Nano Main Field: Molecular events leading to skin aging  - will perform RNA-seq (next-generation sequencing) that will enable us to have a better characterization of the molecular events leading to skin aging

Research Interests

My lab is working extensively for the last three decades in the field of immunodermatology . During these years, the laboratory developed a number of humanized mouse models which received worldwide publicity and are used today as ideal models of pre-clinical trials for testing the efficacy of new drugs.

The laboratory provides various scientific services to domestic and international companies such as Teva, Bioline, abbott , Lee pharm (Hong Kong, China), Celgene (USA) and more. During the last decade the laboratory has succeeded in developing humanized mouse models for two skin autoimmune diseases: psoriasis and alopecia areata( AA).

Fellowships & Prizes

2006: EM Farber Research Award for Excellence in Research, Society for Investigative Dermatology, USA.