Guy Bartal



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Postdoc: UC Berkeley (2006-2010)

PhD: Physics, Technion (2006)

MSc: Applied Physics, Hebrew University (2000)

BSc: Physics, , Hebrew University (1996

 Nano Main Field: manipulating light at dimensions smaller than its wavelength has an increasing interest, both for its impact on biology and medical science, lithography, spectroscopy and telecommunication, and the intriguing challenge of beating the so-called diffraction limit. Surface Plasmons (SP), the quasi-particles arising from the coupling of light with electrons at metal-dielectric interfaces by storing part of their energy in charge density oscillations. I aim to explore and reveal the physics underlying sub-wavelength light phenomena at the nano-scale  and to utilize it for novel devices and applications in super-resolution imaging, focusing, spectroscopy and optical communication.


Research interests:



*metal optics