Juan Carlos Nieto Fuentes

Juan Carlos Nieto Fuentes

Juan Carlos

Nieto Fuentes

Nano Area:
+972-58 658 1100


BSc in Mechanical Engineering (University of Oviedo - Spain)

MSc in Integrity and Durability of Materials, Components and Structures (University of Oviedo - Spain)

Nano Main Field:

Studying and trying to optimize the micro-mechanisms of deformation in ductile materials subjected to impact loading. Within these softening mechanisms Dynamic Recrystallization (DRX), i.e. the formation of nano-grain islands in the material, plays an important role. Combining computational modeling and experimental work, we can bridge the macroscopic scale of the problem (top approach) with the nano spatial scale (bottom approach), and vice versa.

Research Interests:

Numerical modeling, mechanical testing, microstructural characterization.